Kuhl & Co Studios is an emerging showrunner, writers room, and parent company to various creative ventures. It was founded in 2021 by showrunner and executive producer, Emma Kuhl Pitts.

As the original, premier creative shop founded by Emma Kuhl Pitts, PullSpark has produced millions of dollars in custom creative content for both live events and film. Its clients range from non-profits to Fortune 50 companies to A-list celebrities.

Amidst a violent collision between the Jewish Zealots and Roman authorities, a young couple struggles to make sense of a supernatural pregnancy. “Unfinished Dreams”, an original musical currently in pre-production, is a Christmas story unlike any other.

BEV (Birds Eye View) is the newest company formed from Kuhl & Co Studios. BEV is a new platform that helps agencies, production companies and producers hire crew for their film productions. Currently, BEV is being beta tested by several producers and hopes to launch to the public in late 2022.


For the first time ever, the John Maxwell Documentary tells the full story of the man often regarded as top leadership expert in the world. Currently in production with Kuhl & Co. as the show runner, this remarkable biopic is scheduled to release in 2022.